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What if instead of the typical pajamas or scarf you surprised with this special Flores del norte chest?

It is also another option for when you are invited to Christmas Eve dinner and instead of bringing the classic bottle of wine, you decide that this gift for the home is the most original option.

Two vegetable candles, one with a Christmas scent of orange, tangerine and cinnamon, together with another balsamic one with notes of northern eucalyptus, an air freshener spray with the scent of pure forest and a can of sweet spiced black tea, all in a box designed in exclusive for this occasion.


· A winter solstice candle 90gr

· A sunset candle on the mountain 90gr

A forest moss purifying environment spray 50ml

A 40gr package of Christmas cake black tea

· A can with 10gr of black tea Christmas Cake

Ingredients Black tea christmas cake

Black Tea, Cinnamon, Almond, Orange, Cardamom, Clove and Chocolate and Caramel Aroma.