Nasei Faces #Nº1. Anita Ribbon, the magic hatmaker who always gets her pieces right



Although she lives in Bilbao, Anita Ribbon's pieces have traveled all over the world. From Africa to America, where evangelical churches wear hats every week.

She has no problem sharing her age — she was born in '69 — and she's a milliner. Anita designs and makes the most stylish headdresses and hats.


Anita, how do you live your profession?

My profession is very important in my life, I enjoy every moment, but, above all, I love contact with my clients, the challenge of finding the perfect piece for each one of them. Manual and creative work also brings me a lot of happiness.



What do you like to do in your free time?

My work is my great hobby. I am passionate about fashion and I never get tired of see, read, investigate and take courses.

What I enjoy most the rest of the time are personal relationships, spend time with my friends and friends, eating, with a wine, lying in a field or having dinner at home.

I love spending hours dancing and listening to Northern Soul and Rhythm & Blues (and drinking the occasional screwdriver).


If you didn't need to work, how would you spend your time?

I'd still be doing the same job, just a few fewer hours a day.


What is beauty to you? Where is the place where you always find it?

For me, beauty and fashion go hand in hand. Skin care is something that I have always been very aware of, for me it is part of my well-being.

I like to express myself through my appearance, be it the clothes I wear, the haircut I wear, how I do my makeup, etc. Playing at having a look seems like a lot of fun to me.

I am very lucky to work in a beautiful place. Surrounded by colors, beautiful fabrics, pictures and furniture. And I always find beauty in flowers, whether they are fresh, in gardens or in the fabric of headdresses.

Do you have any inspiration that helps you in your day to day life? What inspires you?

Inspiration comes from many places. I love the aesthetics of the '40s, '50s and '60s, so movies from that era really inspire me.

Also the great couturiers and designers of all times. I devour fashion books.



What care routine do you have in the morning and at night?

When I'm running out of time or I'm very tired, my night routine is cleansing with oil O cleansing milk almond and marjoram from Nasei that I always remove with a muslin and warm water (it comforts me a lot),

If I have put on make-up, I first remove my eyes with a make-up remover I specify and then I clean my skin.

I follow with a toner that keeps pores at bay, then the flower tonic orange blossom and rockrose to balance, an essence that prepares the skin for treatment, geranium and rockrose nourishing serum at discretion, eye contour and a firming cream.

All this from the neckline to the forehead, both included.

When I go to bed, I apply a good dose of nourishing balm mandarin and geranium in the hands (I abuse them a lot at work).



In the morning, I usually alternate a gel and the soap herbal grapefruit and geranium. I love the feeling of cleaning my skin in the shower. I repeat again with the pore toner, the Nasei toner, an essence and, depending on the day, the Nasei serum or a vitamin C serum. I finish with the eye contour and a moisturizer.


On the weekend I take the opportunity to apply masks and accompany the application of the serums with a good massage with the jade roller.

How did you meet Nasei? What 3 words would you describe it with?

I met Nasei through a friend who told me wonderful things about her treatments, products and how great Celia's eyebrows were at that time with the thread.

As soon as I got to know the place, back then, I really liked the atmosphere and the company philosophy of Lorena and Celia. His knowledge of skin captivated me.

If I had to describe Nasei in 3 words, they would be honesty, professionalism and closeness.



What kind of treatments do you add to your beauty routine?

I love doing cabin treatments, massages and cleanings.

What is your favorite Nasei product?

My favorite product is geranium and rockrose nourishing serum. I have little bottles everywhere and when I'm very tired and I notice dry skin between my nose and chin, I apply a few drops to my hands, put them on my face for a few seconds and... like new!

What is your favorite plant, flower, tree or scent?

I have a lot of smell. My favorite smells are tangerines, freshly cut grass and the first drops of rain.



Do you have a beauty trick or recipe you want to share?

The best trick is to always clean the skin well and take care of the face, neck and décolleté equally.




Anita, thank you very much for your words, for such a fun session and for being with us for so long.

Text by Verónica Martín and fautographs by Alvaro Santos.