Rafaela Alves reminds us through her photographs of the importance of stopping for a moment

Rafaela has restored our faith in social networks. Has it ever happened to you that among so much excess content on social networks, a photograph suddenly appears that makes you stop your finger?

This is the work of this Portuguese photographer. 

TO Rafaela alves We met her as people are known in times of pandemic: on Instagram. And blessed discovery, because his work is calm, it is sensitivity and it is beauty.

A while of chatting with her has been enough to confirm that what we see is a reflection of who she is and not only makes us believe again that in networks there is much to discover, but it also reminds us of the importance of stopping. 



Rafaela, what is beauty for you and where do you always find it?

I believe that beauty is an appreciation and recognition of what you are seeing and experiencing. It's something I'm looking to create, but I love stumbling across it and feeling that it surprises you.

I think sometimes you just see it because you are open to it. Somehow it is always there and it can be anything.

How do you live your profession as a photographer?

I really enjoy the process of always discovering new things that I would like to do, exploring and finding new ideas and new ways of seeing and doing things.

Working in creative areas requires dealing with different levels of frustration at times. The frustration of not being creative or inspired enough, not having enough time, or feeling that you and that little time you have are not recognized and valued enough.

It is a fairly unstable profession that requires a lot of work, dedication and patience, but it is also very rewarding and I feel very lucky to be able to do what I love.

Do you have any recurring inspiration? What stimulates you?

I am still in the process of discovering it, at the moment they are different things at different times.

It is easier for me when I travel and am surrounded by nature. Those are usually my happy places for inspiration. Daily life can be overwhelming because there is so much information to process and it inevitably affects my creative process. 

One thing I've come to realize is that sometimes I just need to take a moment and stop ... and eventually my inspiration returns.

Light is an element that I draw inspiration from many times. Just looking at its patterns, the shadows and everything that light (or the absence of it) produces and what I can create from that.




If you didn't have to work, what would you spend your time on?

I would love to travel the world to continue creating. Experiencing how different cultures and places react to different things, thereby gaining new perspectives on what I believe and how I believe it.

Let's talk about your skin. What is your morning and evening skincare routine?

My morning routine is as light as possible because I don't like my skin feeling too heavy during the day.

I only apply vitamin C, moisturizer and sunscreen. Although, at night I do a more careful routine with a cleanser, toner, serums, eye cream, moisturizer and sometimes facial oils.

What is your favorite product or the one that you enjoy the most?

It is not so much about the product as it is about the feel of the product. Doing me a mask, an exfoliation or a facial massage is very pleasant for me.

I try to find some time to make myself a jade roller facial massage. I think it makes a difference in the way my skin looks. Plus, it's relaxing and is great at the end of the day.

How do you feel your skin?

I have become more aware of it in recent years. I have learned to understand their signals and needs and to address them. I have also noticed the mistakes that my younger self often made and have learned from them.

It is a continuous work, but I have learned to accept imperfections and love them, always with care.

How did you meet Nasei? What 3 words would you use to describe Nasei?

Their concern for nature, their use of natural ingredients, and their cruelty-free values attracted my interest in Nasei. I especially like to follow the work of some sustainable brands.

What is your favorite Nasei product?

It is so difficult to choose just one! The eye contour It was a nice surprise as it has a texture that I have never seen in an eye cream before. And it works wonderfully on the skin, it's so smooth. 

The hydrosol It helps me a lot when my skin is a little dry or irritated by face masks. And some days I like to use the serums for extra hydration and that creamy comfort combined with the jade roller.

One thing I noticed about Nasei products was their real, natural scent - it's like being in a field!



Your favorite scent of plants, flowers, trees or spices. It can also be a reminder of nature.

The scent of freesia, lavender and cedar (which is so aromatic). But I love being reminded of my favorite scents, unexpectedly, by nature.

Do you have any beauty tips or recipes you'd like to share?

In recent years, I have learned the importance of being consistent.

In skincare, I believe that being consistent with my routines and care (even when I'm too tired or lazy) makes a difference. Maybe my future self will thank me! 



You can follow Rafaela's work in her Instagram.

Rafaela, thank you very much for your time and love.