Brihuega, so beautiful are the lavender fields less than an hour from Madrid

In Guadalajara. In the heart of Alcarria and just 45 minutes from the capital. This is where you will find this impressive place.

It is no coincidence that in recent weeks the networks have been filled with mauve-stained photographs. Lavender blooms at the end of July and August is the time of its collection, just when its aroma is most concentrated.

And yes, live the show for the senses is indescribable.


But it is that, in addition, these fields of Castilla La Mancha are the origin of a large part of the lavender that we use in our products.

Not just ours, because 10 percent of the world's total lavender essential oil production comes from Brihuega. The name that we all find difficult to pronounce, but whose beauty remains etched in our retina forever.




Did you know that to get 1 liter of essential oil it is necessary to distill between 130 and 150 kilos of flowers? As a curiosity, we tell you that they know each other more than 60 species of this flower throughout the world and that its aromatic organic compounds vary depending on the climate of its place of cultivation.



On Brihuega Two of these varieties are grown: fine lavender of French origin and lavandin. The aroma of fine lavender is softer and more floral, while lavandin is a cross between lavender and lavender, common in the Iberian Peninsula.

This is the type of lavender that we also grow in Otañes, one of the orchards of Northern Flowers, our home line, located in a small town in Cantabria. 

And it is that, in addition to giving us the view, lavender has a lot of properties. We tell you:

Lavandin is used as a base note in perfumery. At Nasei we have chosen it as the composition of our new home perfume,  "Walk in the field", combining it with other types of essential oils to make it last longer in the environment.



On an emotional level it is a natural anxiolytic, relaxing and facilita sleep. That is why we wanted to take advantage of its benefits so that you can steam your bed and sheets with the pillow mist «Sweet dreams» and enjoy a good night's sleep.

It is proven that when you smell lavender, its molecules travel from the nose to the brain, producing a real feeling of well-being that calms and relieves even the most intense migraines.

In addition, among its compounds, lavender contains a substance that keeps insects away. Yet another reason for its use. Add to it that it is deodorizing and that if you vaporize it on clothes or closets it reduces the sensation of a musty and closed smell and you already have a new favorite perfume.

All advantages. But above all, a mental refuge in which to feel good and to which you can always return. You just have to close your eyes, inhale its aroma and move to the golden Brihuega sunset on a summer afternoon.




Text by Verónica Martín / Photography Lorena Aviñon