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 This bottle contains a refill with an aluminum screw cap. He spray atomizer It is purchased separately, thus less plastic waste is generated every time you buy a new home perfume.


If you've ever been to a lavender field, then you'll adore this home scent. And if you haven't been, too. 

Lavender has always been linked to the French blue coast, but in our case we want to introduce the more aromatic and intense lavender from Castilla La Mancha. 
This particular air freshener contains the variety of lavandin, which is cultivated par excellence in Brihuega, Guadalajara. 

We have accompanied it with lavender, or also called Iberian lavender, lavender, typical of high mountain areas and in the background a touch of thyme and rosemary from the same region.


What does it smell like?

To a countryside full of lavender

ideal for

-Set spaces with a relaxing aroma, since it is already known that lavender is a natural anxiolytic.

-Who loves the pure smell of lavender that reminds him of the typical English cologne waters.


How to use

Shake gently before spraying into the desired space.

Do not use on the skin. Do not eat. Keep out of the reach of children.



Aqua, Alcohol denat, Parfum*, limonene**, citral**, linalol**, citronellol**
*made with pure essential oils
**Naturally present in the essential oil






*Glass bottle with aluminum stopper. He spray atomizer purchased separately


Made in our own workshop with iLocal ingredients, biodegradable and respectful with the environment.



Made in Spain.