How to cook Laura Because's Norwegian-style apple cake


To Laura Because She is as good at cooking as she is at photographing. Therefore, to contemplate its images is to buy a ticket for a unique sensory journey.

It is hard to believe that she is a computer scientist by profession and that, at first, gastronomy was just a hobby to relax with. Then she decided that to show her dishes she needed to learn to master the camera and, luckily for us, culinary photography became her great passion.


The apples from her father's apple trees are her photography obsession. She loves its imperfections and different shapes. That is why Laura has chosen this recipe to share with you. 


150 gr. Spelled flour

150 gr. Almond flour

100 gr. Whole grain panela

100 gr. Clarified butter (*)

1 egg

2 small tablespoons of yeast desserts (**)

400 gr. Peeled apples, diced

50 gr. Raisins

1 teaspoon vanilla paste

1 cinnamon tea (optional)

To the presentation:

2 teaspoons of walnuts mixed with 1 of soft honey (acacia or similar) (optional)

1 whole apple


Introduce the raisins in a mug with hot water or cinnamon tea and let them steep.

Prepare the apples in a frying pan, heating them with half a glass of water (or the liquid from soaking the raisins) and the vanilla. Put on medium low heat until they have softened a bit. Add the raisins, stir and reserve.

In a large bowl, mixture with a stick butter with the panela. When it is well integrated, add the egg and mix well again.

Incorporates the two flours and the yeast and stir with a spatula or a soup spoon until a homogeneous, slightly dry mass is formed.

Add the mixture apples and raisins and stir well. Now the dough will be moister and more manageable.

Fill a round mold about 22 cm in diameter (you will have brushed a little butter on it first).

Finally, peel the apple, cut it into thin slices and put them in a circle without completely covering them. Finish by brushing with a little honey and walnuts on top of the apple.

Bake one hour at 200º and let cool (if possible, on a rack).




To enjoy! You will tell us how the result was.

Thank you very much Laura for your generosity.