In Nasei everything is born and returns to earth

We only use botanical ingredients from plants and seeds of the highest quality, from local organic crops, respectful of your skin and the environment.

Our workshop, located in Amorebieta, surrounded by nature, is the center of all our activities. Our family tradition, which has several generations who have worked the land, means that we have great respect for agriculture and a solid sustainable philosophy. 

We believe in the importance of local agriculture, as well as in the ancient formulas that we have used for generations of collective and plural knowledge. Thus, more than 90% of our ingredients come from Spanish organic crops, where we find an incredibly wonderful botany. This is only possible thanks to the dedication of the farmers with whom we have established alliances, to whom we pay the price they really deserve for their effort. 

The use of local ingredients makes it possible for us to have an exhaustive control of the traceability of our raw materials, in addition to considerably reducing the carbon footprint of all our products. 



Isn't it wonderful to beautify your skin 
and take care of the planet with these little gestures?

Our commitment: sustainable packaging

According to the National Institute of Statistics, in Spain more than 137 million tons of waste are generated, of which only 47 million are recycled. Although this figure represents 40% of all waste generated, at Nasei we believe that there is still much work to be done by companies and individuals to protect the environment. 

We defend the basis of the circular economy, which prioritizes the reuse and recycling of waste. Our effort and commitment has been to apply this sustainable maxim to our packaging, from the bottling of our products to the material we use for shipments. 

Why do we minimize the use of plastics? Some plastic cans are made up of different types of plastic, making recycling impossible or very expensive. Other plastic derivatives, such as cellophane shavings used to protect shipments, are also not recycled once they reach the waste management plant. 

We prefer to opt for only two materials that can be easily reusable and recyclable: cardboard and amber glass. 


All our products, both the cosmetics and the household line, are packaged in amber glass jars and jars, which keeps our products in optimal conditions while they can be eternally recycled. Only 10% of our packaging contains plastic (dispensers and caps). 

For the labeling, we use recycled vegetable papers, a biodegradable and compostable material. The box in which we store the products consists solely of cardboard. Some come with cotton cloth bags.

Packaging for shipments

Our packaging consists of a cardboard box and an inner paper to protect the cosmetics, both made with recycled paper. Thus, we reduce unnecessary tree felling. Both the box and the inner paper are recyclable and biodegradable. We do not include labels or brochures printed on plastic. 

Although we take great care of detail, we cannot ensure that some couriers treat your shipment with the care it deserves. That is why we have reinforced our packages with an extra internal protection. To do this, we use paper chips and cover each jar with a sheet of corrugated cardboard. Thus, such a fragile order arrives in perfect condition, without any plastic!

Some of our shipments in the city of Bilbao are made with Botxoriders. Delivering orders with bicycles allows us to further reduce our carbon footprint.