Yes, getting older also has its good things (and we tell you about them in this article)

Let's see. So from the outset and to be honest, getting older is a chore (to say the least). 

But the alternative is much worse.

So how fighting against the inevitable will only get you wasting your time and energy for nothing, we have decided to help you seek the advantages of the passage of time. And, hey, we have realized that they are more and better than expected. 

Let's see what you think.

here we leave you 9 reasons that will help you face with joy that you are getting older:

1. Fair expectations.

Engineer and former Google executive Mo Gawdat created a happiness formula that defends that your joy does not depend on what you have or do not have, but on the value you give to your reality minus the level of your expectations. In short, the less expectations, the greater happiness.

If you are also happy with a little bit of reading in the sun, your concept of love has a lot to do with a person who accompanies you on a daily basis, with whom you share laughter and who makes your life easy and you do not need to have the latest model of nothing, congratulations!

eye! We're not saying settle. Taking on challenges is great, but setting the bar too high can be frustrating and exhausting. As the Italians say, slowly, you get far (what has been that little by little you go far). 


2. Dancing on Tik Tok is not an obligation. What do you feel like doing? Great. Social networks are a fantastic tool and a window to the world. 

Fortunately for our generation, its use is an option and not a devotion. 

This has another great added advantage: the graphic evidence of those deadly makeup and styling sins of decades past will be limited to family albums. We will be eternally grateful.

3. Shame? Give your opinion, sign up for a plan that you wanted that no one you knew was going to or dare with those belly dance classes. Remember.

Surely there is something you stopped doing or saying out of shyness or because what will they think of you. Well not anymore.

Grandmothers say it well, "shame was green and a donkey ate it." Red yes, but with age you realize that you will only regret what you have not done, so you will never want to do something out of modesty. 


4. You know how to pack a suitcase without filling it with porsiacasos. And what does this mean? That traveling to Naples for €29 round trip is a reality and you don't have to pay twice as much to check in a suitcase and take the heels you know you're not going to wear. Little joke.

Neither are the large bottles of your favorite cosmetic products. Of that, we take care of ourselves.


5. You have understood that sincerity is overrated. T-E-M-A-Z-O.

Absolute respect to tell the truth and without omitting information, but is it really necessary to say everything you think, even when you are not asked? Beware of becoming a lady without a filter. There we leave it to you.


6. If something doesn't work for you, you look for alternatives.

Neither finish a book that you are not liking nor eat the whole plate that does not taste like anything because you have ordered it.

As you get older you substitute the word force for the term to flow in your dictionary.

Let us take the subject to our ground. If all your life you have been treating your skin as mixed and you continue to have very dry areas and others with shine, don't you think that there is another skin classification that is more suitable for you?

7. you are selfish with your time. A few weeks ago we talked about it in our newsletter: the true luxury is time. 

So welcome everything that is to focus on living moments that nourish you. Remember that your real friends will understand that you ignore them, focus on the here and now and put yourself as a priority.


8. You've discovered what your little time cleaning your face at night and your two-minute express massage in the morning means for your well-being.

It must be for a reason that there is so much talk lately about the benefits of self care. Although it seems obvious, it is worth reminding you.

Do you feel the same when you start the day connecting with yourself and taking care of your skin than when you run from one place to another as you wake up like a headless chicken?


9. You don't idealize. Bets to evolve, but you don't want to be a different person than you are. You go out of fashion. You think less you enjoy more. You value calm and now you don't need to understand everything.


Take final firework.

Now it's your turn. We invite you to stop for a while to reflect on everything you have gained over the years, we are sure that it will suit you so well that you will grow a couple of centimeters in confidence (it has happened to us =

If you feel like it, you can write to us and share it with us at We will love to read you.

We will love to read you.



Text by Verónica Martín and photographs by Lorena Aviñon