"Grandma, you really knew"

Dear Grandma Maria:

How's everything up there? We are happy.

Although you never got to see it, it's been 14 years since we launched Nasei, our own brand of natural cosmetics, and we have some very nice clients.

They are happy with the results they get by taking care of their skin thanks to plants and so are we by helping them look and feel good.

We always point ways in this direction, you know.

Do you remember when you taught us to differentiate wild chamomile from chiribitas or daisies?

We have never confused one with the other again and it became clear to us that wild chamomile (or chamomile) comes out at this time, in early autumn, and daisies in spring.

It turns out that last year we realized that after the summer we always ended up with a dry face and neckline. And that we never sunbathe as you told us!

It was then that we remembered that mixture that you made with the chamomile that you picked in the family field and almond oil and that you left to macerate for weeks.

We were reminded of that sensation of soft, calm and like new skin that that oil left us when the whole family used it on our faces.

So we began to investigate and discovered in several old books that many years ago this mixture was already used to repair the skin of peasants after the long seasons of wheat and corn harvests.

We also realized that nature is wise and that, in addition to chamomile, mallow also blooms in August.

They are both calming. Chance? We doubt it.

The fact is that with all this last year we created an antioxidant blue serum to deal with the damage caused by the sun and summer.

It's the bomb! It nourishes the skin a lot and smells so good that it takes us directly to those autumn afternoons with you in the fields.

As you use it, wrinkles and blemishes soften and it seems that you take years off. Suddenly your skin feels more elastic and luminous and it doesn't leave a shine or greasy feeling.

We had to tell you about it and thank you for the inspiration. You really knew, Grandma.

A big hug,
Celia and Lorraine

PS: Yes, we already know that the best thing to cleanse the face is rose water. Never with water, like you did.

*This beauty of images have been made by the German photographer Clara Marie . We will tell you more about her and her work soon.

woman with serum on her back and serum in one hand

a bottle of serum on the skin

hands holding a blue serum dropper pipette