What products you should keep this summer next to the lettuce, in the fridge, and which ones NOT

Be careful if you are one of those who at this time of year put your head in the fridge.

Because as much as we like to apply fresh beauty products in the heat, not all of them feel good about extreme cold.

So, fridge yes or fridge no? Well, as the great Pau Donés used to sing, IT DEPENDS.

What does it depend on? Of different factors that today we are going to explain to you so that you become an expert in the matter.

hand holding nasei rosemary hydrolate

Important note: even in those cases in which the cold favors the properties of our cosmetics, it is not necessary to spend money on one of those cosmetic coolers (unless you want to treat yourself). The refrigerator in your kitchen does exactly the same function.

That said, in general, conventional cosmetics are NOT prepared for the cold .

The best thing you can do is keep your products in a cool place, in the shade, away from heating or air conditioning and at a temperature between 18 and 25 degrees.

As with all rules, there are exceptions. Cocoa and lip balms, eye contour creams, toners, body creams and anti-cellulite creams are perfectly compatible with the shelf of eggs and carrots.

Let's go to ours.

photographs in Ibiza showing a hand applying moisturizing cream

What about natural cosmetics and low temperatures? Which Nasei products can you put in the fridge and which ones can't?

Well here things change. As we do not use preservatives, most of the natural ingredients appreciate the freshness of the fridge to prevent them from spoiling.

But ONLY those that contain a watery part in their composition.

What are the products that YES you can keep in the fridge ? In our case:

  • The geranium, lavender and rose moisturizer
  • The floral tonic of orange blossom and rockrose
  • Sweet almond and marjoram cleansing milk
  • All our hydrolates

The freshness feels like a thousand wonders to these products. And not only, because the decongestant effect does your skin a lot of good by improving blood circulation, calming swelling and causing an immediate well-being effect.

Special mention for sensitive or sunburned skin, they will especially appreciate it.

Do you know those days in August when you come home, after a day at the beach, with red and burning skin? Well, hand of saint, a little tonic fresh from the refrigerator.

nasei moisturizing cream with lemons

On the opposite side, in the NO refrigerator team , we have products with oil.

In Nasei these are:

  • The botanical beauty oil of neroli and jasmine
  • The nourishing oil of sweet almonds and apricot
  • The detox oil of grapefruit and cedar,
  • all serums
  • The olive and eucalyptus cleansing balm
  • The eye contour and nourishing tangerine and geranium balm

Do you keep olive oil in the fridge? Well there you have the answer.

When coming into contact with the cold, the oils could crystallize and lose their properties.

Another product that you should never keep cold is make-up bases, because you run the risk that they will be altered by humidity.

Here is what YES or YES you should do if you put your beauty products in the fridge: leave it there until you finish it .

If you don't, you'll be breaking the cold chain and the fluctuation in temperature will affect the formula, which could prevent your skin from receiving its benefits. Burn it on fire.

nasei hydrolate in a port of Ibiza

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Text by Veronica Martin

Photographs by Juanjo Molina