Daily facial cleaning: errors, secrets and keys to make it effective

Without cleanliness there is no beauty.

Before you tell me "yes, but I'm lazy" , let me tell you that if you want a fresh, smooth face free of impurities, cleaning is an essential gesture.

The only? Not the only one, but the first so that the rest are effective and the "sacrifice" is worth it.

To be clearer, cleaning your face is a bit like sweeping and scrubbing the house.

You can now live in a designer house, with incredible decoration and spectacular light, which if your home is full of dust and lint, does not look the same.

It's of little use to you, go.

On the contrary, if you live in a small apartment, 50 square meters, but you have it cute, careful and CLEAN, with four pieces of IKEA furniture, a bit of taste and a couple of plants, it is most welcoming and grateful.

Come on, the cleaning thing (*important: morning and night) is not negotiable .

Now you can invest in the most expensive creams on the market, which without a good previous facial cleansing, it is better that you save them.

However, having this routine internalized makes the result of any treatment you use much more grateful and effective.

Let's do a review to put concepts in order and answer several questions that you have asked us about facial cleansing.

How many types of facial cleansers are there on the market?

A lot. So by boat we can soon group them into:

  • Cleansing milk
  • micellar water
  • make-up remover balm
  • Cleansing wipes
  • foaming cleanser
  • Soap
  • Lotions with AHAs 
  • cleansing oils

You probably know of others, new stream formats are coming out, but in essence, these are what there are.

Are there any of them that are better to avoid?

Our way of understanding skin focuses on its balance and keeping it as close as possible to its natural pH.

So we rule out micellar water and foaming cleansers: they're too alkaline, too astringent, and dehydrate the skin.

What about AHA lotions? In moderation (a lot/all). It is true that they give a sensation of immediate luminosity, but they are too acidic. Especially if your skin has a low fat content.

Our bet? Cleansing milks, balms and mild soaps.

Therefore, we are going to focus on these 3 products.

How do I know which cleaner I need?

  • That said, if your skin is sensitive , has dermatitis, couperose or rosacea, we recommend that you use a cleansing milk with your eyes closed.  From minute zero you will notice the softness on your face and how the itching and reactions calm down.
  • If your problem is that your face dries out a lot , you feel dehydrated and it even flakes off, without a doubt, cleansing balms will help you repair it.
  • And if what happens to you is that you have an excess of sebaceous secretion and acne, natural soaps will put an end to grease without being aggressive.

cosmetics in a sink: cleansing milk, toner, balm and a bar of soap

Is it really necessary to clean the face with product morning and night?

Yes. There is neither alternative nor option.

At bedtime, to remove dirt, pollution, traces of cosmetics and makeup accumulated during the day.

In the morning, to refresh, remove sweat and your night treatment and enhance the benefits of your day routine.

And no, water alone is not enough. That and not using anything, more of the same.

3 practical questions that no one has ever answered for you

What product should I use if I put on makeup?

Definitely a balm. It removes it so well that you can do the cotton test on your skin and it will come out white.

What is the most recommended when I have not put on makeup?

A cleansing milk, because it cleans and cares at the same time.

Can I combine different products?

Clear. With cosmetics it happens the same as with clothes: you don't always have the same needs, neither for aroma nor for texture do you want the same thing.


The mistake that makes you not clean your skin well

This is the biggest mistake we all ever make: not rinsing out your cleaner with water.

Whatever you use, you should ALWAYS rinse the product with water . Yes, cleansing milk too.

Think about it, do you wash the dishes and leave them with soap?

Already put, we remind you that in order for you to notice the results, yours is that you always tone the skin with a toner or a hydrosol afterwards .

  1. girl massaging her face

How do we understand facial cleansing in Nasei?

Let us talk a little about ourselves.

At Nasei we have 3 facial cleansing products:

A sweet almond and marjoram cleansing milk so gentle, you can use it as an eye make-up remover.

It has marjoram, grown in Toledo, and it is anti-inflammatory, so it helps reduce swelling when you get up in the morning.

How do I use it?

Start by shaking to mix the watery part well with the oily part.

Massage the skin in circles without forgetting about the eyes, neck and décolleté. Be careful, its texture and smell are so pleasant that this part can be addictive.

Afterwards, remove with warm water, rinsing directly with your hands or, if you prefer, with the help of an organic cotton wipe.

If you are a fan of double cleaning, after the cleansing milk, apply a little soap before rinsing with water.

hand applying on another a little cleansing milk

An olive and eucalyptus cleansing balm that "smells like the forest."

With clove oil, to stimulate blood flow, give your face a boost of energy and cleanse deeply, but not aggressively.

There is no waterproof that can resist it. It is our most powerful cleaner.

How does it work?

You take a small amount from the jar and melt it on the face with circular movements to turn it into a pleasant oil that dissolves impurities from the pores and draws them out with a magnet effect.

Then, you remove it with a cotton cleaning cloth moistened with warm water.

a jar of balm

hand wringing out a washcloth in the sink

And a grapefruit and geranium herbal soap made with such care and affection that it takes 16 weeks to be ready.

Why so long? Because we let the calendula flowers macerate in olive oil for two months to take advantage of all their properties.

It has no sulfates, so it respects the protective layer of the skin and nourishes it.

As it contains grapefruit, sweet orange and lemon grass, it is rich in Vitamin C, so it neutralizes the action of free radicals.

So, I wash my face and that's it?

That is. Start by moistening with lukewarm water, then rub your hands with the tablet and apply to the neck and face, finally, remove with water.

You choose whether to do it directly with your hands or with the help of an organic cotton wipe (as you can see, an organic cotton wipe is very useful).

bar of soap held by two hands

When is it best to use each of them?

Cleansing milk: It is always a good option.
Use it at any time of the year. Morning and night.

Cleansing balm: As its texture is quite creamy, I recommend using it especially in winter.

I love removing my makeup with it at night, because the clean feeling lasts until the next morning.

Soap: Whenever you want. Morning and night. It is great in summer, to remove excess sweat, saltpeter or chlorine.

why do we like it so much?

Sweet almond and marjoram cleansing milk: Because it cleanses and soothes. All in one.

Eucalyptus and olive cleansing balm: Because it is synonymous with instant well-being and deep cleaning with a single gesture.

Grapefruit and geranium herbal soap: Because it saves us time. It is ideal to have it at hand in the shower and leave it with homework done.

oh! As good beauticians, we recommend you go through the cabin for a deep cleaning 2 times a year. You know, consistency is the most important thing, but every home needs a general cleaning from time to time.

What do you think? We hope that with this you are clear about the vital importance of this first step in your care.

Do not stay with the desire to ask us any questions you have about facial cleansing or give us your opinion on the subject.

Write to us at hello @naseiorganic.com We are very excited to receive your emails!

Text by Verónica Martín and photography by Lorena Avignon