This blue serum is not going to take 15 years off you


Not even 5.
Neither 2 nor 3 ...

Assuming the passage of time is not easy, is it? As you get older, it is sometimes difficult to even recognize yourself in your own skin.

Although we would love to have that gift, we cannot promise to take years off your ID, because that is impossible. Sorry for the spoiler, but you can't turn back time.

What you can do is prevent and take care of it. And that's what makes our Mallow and chamomile antioxidant serum. East dry, satiny and velvety oil is emollient and repairing and a powerful ally to deal with oxidative stress of the skin.



What is oxidative stress of the skin?

You will understand right away. Free radicals are molecules that have lost a couple of electrons along the way.

Do you know what they do to get them back? Well, "steal" them from the first molecule that passes by. The story is that in this way your body accumulates free radicals and these are the culprits of skin aging (and not only).

The only solution so that they do not go around at their free will, staying with electrons that do not belong to them, are antioxidants.

Antioxidants are other molecules that very kindly give up their electrons to free radicals, balancing their effects.

The problem is that there comes a point where your body produces more free radicals than antioxidants and this causes the aging of your skin.

And, in addition to the law of life and genetics, there are a lot of external factors that make things become even more unbalanced and your skin age earlier than expected.

What are these factors? Surely you already know them:

- Tobacco.
- Pollution.
- The alcohol.
- Stress.
- A bad diet.
- Sun exposure. 

All of them generate more lame molecules (free radicals), or what is the same, they put years on you causing the appearance of wrinkles, spots and sagging.

And as we have already told you, the years on the skin are like tattoos. Once you wear them, there is no going back.

As well. Thanks to mallow oleate and cherry, apricot and jojoba stone vegetable oils, our blue serum it's packed with antioxidants.

So taking years off isn't going to take them away — miracles to Lourdes, friend— but it will to prevent that your skin ages before its time and will make you feel it more calm, hydrated and flexible.

In addition, if you have sunbathed this summer (we confess it, we a little), it will rebalance your epidermis, repairing and nourishing it in depth, stopping the side effects of long hours in front of the sea.

From a sweet and floral mauve fragrance, the blue serum also reduces the appearance of skin blemishes. Yes, the same ones that make the skin look ugly and age it so much.


And all this just by applying a couple of drops every morning. Of course, you already know that consistency is key and that you have to heat the product in the palms of your hand to activate its active principles.

And now, the million dollar question: Where does the color blue come from? Thanks to azulene, a compound that is extracted from chamomile. 




This active principle has anti-inflammatory, antiallergic and tissue regeneration properties, that is, it helps damaged tissues such as a cut, a wound or a burn, are repaired more efficiently at the cellular level, and thus improve marks such as acne.

It is very curious, but when the chamomile flower is distilled, it releases a pigment that gives it that beautiful sky color. This is also part of the magic of aromatherapy, that you do not know to what extent nature surprises you.

So now you know, years you are not going to take away, but if you can prevent, repair and add them more slowly. And most importantly: feel comfortable in your skin.