Christmas in Nasei


-The deadline for receiving orders so that they arrive on time for Kings is on sunday january 2, so they will leave as soon as possible towards their destination. Subsequent purchases we cannot guarantee delivery and we exempt ourselves from any delay in delivery.


Keep in mind that this time of year and due to the increase in online orders with COVID-19, transport companies have been overwhelmed.

-We know that many of these couriers have long hours under a lot of pressure, for this reason we want to help them by trying to facilitate the great task and effort they carry out and we would like you to also participate with this gesture.

-It is also important that there is someone you trust at the indicated address who can pick up the order. Once the order leaves our warehouse we are exempt from all responsibility in the delivery. If you want to pick up your package in a DHL point seek, (indicate it in special notes of the order in the cart section) the address of the DHL point you have chosen.

-Christmas orders meet the same Send conditions as well as service management.


Wrapping and packaging

-All the packages will have a Christmas aesthetic with a cypress branch and a postcard designed for the occasion by Leire Unzueta.

-If the entire contents of the package is a gift for one person, it will contain all the selected products correctly placed in the same box. 

-On the other hand, if there are several gifts for different people in the same order, we can store the chosen products in a kraft envelope with a cypress twig, and even give the envelope a name (indicate it in the special notes of the order in the cart section). The shipment will be made in a single box to a single address.


Gift card

-If you don't know what to give, you have the option of acquiring a gift card.




In case of doubts, write us an email to and we will answer you delighted.