Why you should use a single face cream


One cream for the day, another for the night. A different one for each season. And another depending on the classification of your skin.

Work tranquilamente. 

That we arrive defending the use of a single cream for everything when there is almost one on the market for each day of the year and skin type, sounds —at least— strange.

In general, in life, does everything work better for you when you SIMPLIFY and make it easy for yourself?

The same thing happens to your skin. It only needs two specific care: nourish and moisturize and a balanced pH. And point. 

No more complications.

For you to see clearly. When you nourish your skin you are feeding it; when you hydrate it, to drink. Basic needs covered, check.

With this, the largest organ (remember that it is) in the body already has everything it needs to live. There is only one other factor to take into account.

Live and let live

This is the only other requirement that your epidermis asks for: that you let it live. As simple as that.

What do we mean? Because it is crucial to respect the microbiota of the epidermis and keep the pH regulated at 5.5 —which is acid, not neutral—.

To understand us, the microbiota is the natural "ecosystem" of the skin and the pH is its main protective mechanism.

Not intervening in its development is the only way to ensure that the good and necessary bacteria continue to live happily on your skin and to avoid the bad ones such as acne and other alterations. And it would be.

mujer junto a la crema hidratante facial de nasei rodeada de flores

Neither mixed nor oily nor dry

Let's put an end to this myth. There are no dry, combination or oily skin types. 

The skin is naturally made up of water and fat.

What there are people with a higher level of sebum (if you're one of these, congratulations! Despite everything you've heard, you're lucky because you have extra nutrition) and others with a lack of water.

In this second case, it is likely that, from time to time, your face will feel uncomfortable, tight and with marked wrinkles. NIt needs to hydrate and nourish.

Whether your skin has excess oil or needs, ONE single cream that regulates these functions is more than enough to make your skin look healthy, bright and firm.

Yes, only ONE.

Well, this that seems so simple, it is not (or at least, it was not a few years ago). And now is when we go back to the times of Maricastaña.

You may have known us for a long time or you may have just landed here. If you are one of the latter (welcome!), we tell you that our journey began with our own beauty salon in the center of Bilbao.

And the reality is that 7 years ago we had a hard time finding the cream we wanted to perform our facials in the cabin that met our expectations.

What did we do then? Well, you know, "if Mohammed doesn't go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Mohammed." So here, the Avignon sisters, we wrapped our head around the blanket and decided to create it.

And when it was done, it had to be done well. 3 were the non-negotiable requirements:

  • How much your aroma lemon, geranium and roses, like his nourishing texture were part of the benefits and also provided emotional well-being.
  • that their Ingredients were botanicals and of local provenance.
  • And replace the water as basic ingredient (which happens in most creams) by rosa damascena hydrolate, rich in vitamins and minerals. 
fotos de la crema hidratante facial orgánica nasei en el campo

The Nasei moisturizing face cream had just been born. 

Produced with Brihuega lavender, roses and geraniums from Murcia which is distilled in Caravaca de la Cruz (also Murcia) and almonds from Alicante.

Why we choose geranium, lavender and roses? What can these plants do for your skin?

Let's start with him geranium. Surely you know this flower from seeing it on balconies and gardens, but did you know that it is a powerful antioxidant that favors Cell regeneration?

In other words, geranium makes your skin age more slowly.


 mano sostiene crema hidratante nasei


What are we going to tell you about the rosa? If its properties are infinite. deflates the skin, the protege against free radicals, calm, smoothes expression lines, regenerates it and makes you feel it more flexible and elastic.

And lastly, the lavender, what balance and calm all skin types, including the most sensitive.

With all this, the only thing we can tell you is that we did not know if it would be successful or not, but we did manage to the cream we are proud of

Imagine how we feel when we look back and realize that in all these years some 4000 units and that there is even a woman in Canada who orders it to be taken away every time someone goes to visit her.

Well that. Happy.

And all this, with ONE single cream. In case you had any doubt that SIMPLE, always better.



Text by Verónica Martín and photographs by Lorena Aviñon