We return to the origin. Thanks 2020!


We know that we have not been the only ones. It is likely that you have also seen how this year your world was turned upside down and the plans changed completely. 

Have you had to say goodbye to pending trips, stop short of an immediate project or juggle to survive the day to day? Well, the same thing has happened to us. Suddenly everything fell apart completely and we had to pull the blind from what had been our home in the center of Bilbao for the last 12 years. 






It was not easy. Making decisions is always difficult and assuming changes takes time. 

But in the same way that you have to make space and empty the refrigerator if we want to put fresh fruit and vegetables or that trees shed their leaves in autumn to bloom in summer, we needed to let go if we wanted to move forward. Even without being aware of it until that moment. Nothing new can come if we don't make room for it before.

Thus, this damn bug that brings us upside down has given us the opportunity to take off the automatic mode, stop to think and, above all, choose what we want to be and how we want to live from now on.

 And in doing so, tachán! We found the keys and we realized that what the body was asking of us was the simplest thing: TO RETURN.

Going back to the countryside, where we grew up, to focus on signature organic cosmetics. Return to a more relaxed and organic rhythm that leaves us time to take care of you and listen to you and also — why not? —To take care of ourselves and listen to ourselves. How it costs us all, right? With how necessary it is ...

To do things again with the same care as always, but with the experience of what has been learned so far and a long journey of hours of study and formulation. In short, go back to the origins. Return to the place (not just physical) where it all began.




How is this going to affect you who have been with us for a lot of years?

  • You will continue to find our products whenever you want. Only now you will do it through the Internet and this website. We go back to the origin, but we bet on evolution and the infinite possibilities that the digital world offers us. We keep the best part.
  • If you are from Bilbao or surroundingsYou can also get them physically at Belaza Gallery (Plaza Arriquibar, 5) and at Meibeauty & yoga (Bidebarrieta 3, 1-1).
  • We launched a new image and a new website in which we will share knowledge, places and people that inspire us and other surprises and firsts. If you don't want to miss any of this, this is the time for you to subscribe to our newsletter.
  • You can take nature home, because ... Northern flower workshop is back! After a year off, the organic line of household products made in our laboratory workshop with the flowers and fruits of our garden in Bizkaia, reappears with new formulas and novelties.
  • Soon you will know our new project. A physical space that will reconnect us in person where we can receive treatments. 


Because the best thing about leaving is that you can always come back. And we can't be happier that you join us on this return trip that 2020 has given us. 



Photograph by Alvaro Santos / Content writing Verónica Martín