The skin care experience


Nasei is a signature organic cosmetics firm, founded and developed by the sisters Celia and Lorena Avignon, experts in aesthetics and aromatherapy.  

In 2008, they opened the doors of Nasei, a pioneering beauty salon in Spain by using only organic cosmetics in each and every one of the skin care treatments they offered. The goal was to create a place that values natural beauty and the pleasure of enjoying daily care.

In those years, organic cosmetics had not yet reached the relevance it currently has in our country. Thus, Nasei wanted to bring a new approach to the beauty sector in Spain, an initiative that has been widely recognized by prestigious media in our country. 

After years of experience in the beauty sector, the passion of both professionals led them to create their own cosmetic line in 2015. Nasei is the result of years of specialization in cosmetology, aesthetics, as well as a commitment to the best and most powerful active ingredients of plant origin from our country.

Intuitive creators behind each artisan mixture and in love with the study of aromatherapy, they make their formulas authentic ecological jewels for daily beauty care and routine, which not only exceed the expectations of those who use them, but also seduce with their incredible aromas. and real perfumes from the purest extracts of nature.

In 2020, the creators of Nasei decided to close the brand's space in Bilbao, to move all their activity to the firm's workshop in the middle of nature, from where they carry out treatments in the open air, formulate and cultivate some of the botanical ingredients used in the Nasei's creations.

After years of study and numerous tests on a multitude of people, they came up with the Nasei formulas, very exclusive products that you now have within your reach and that offer results from the first applications.