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A bag with essential facial care products, in travel size, so you don't miss Nasei on any of your getaways.

Due to its large size, it is so versatile that inside you can also carry your favorite serum and even the eye contour.


This bag includes:

Almond and marjoram cleansing milk 30ml

Gently cleanses and removes make-up from the face and eyes with a single gesture. 

Rosemary hydrolate 30ml

The plant with superpowers that reduces inflammation, protects and regenerates. For all people, seasons of the year and skin condition. 

Geranium, lavender and rose moisturizing cream 30ml

Our classic in mini size. The cream that should not be missing in any bag.

Mandarin and geranium nourishing balm 30ml

An all-rounder concentrated in a small jar that will save you from any sting, sting or burn. The same is used to nourish lips as hand cream, or for feet. But many clients have told us that it even works as a glow: a small amount in key areas and a good face every day.



The bag is made with 100% cotton. Includes assorted samples.