Deadlines for on-time deliveries

At this time of year and due to the increase in online orders with COVID-19, transport companies have been overwhelmed. We know that many of these messengers have long hours under a lot of pressure, for this reason we want to help them by trying to facilitate the great task and effort they carry out.

For this reason we ask that your gift arrive on time before the Three Kings and ensure delivery, make your purchase before Wednesday, December 30 at 6:00 p.m.

After this day / hour we are not responsible for possible delays in delivery or that these do not arrive on time before Reyes, or what is the same, for Tuesday, January 5.

Important: Orders after the date and time indicated, we cannot guarantee that your purchase can leave our warehouse (on Thursday 31st and Saturday 2nd our warehouse will be closed).

It is also important that someone is at the indicated address who can collect the order. Once the order leaves our warehouse we exempt ourselves from all responsibility in the delivery.


Note: Christmas orders fulfill the same Send conditions as well as service management.


Wrapping and packaging

We need you to specify if your order is a gift *. You can indicate this in the notes / observations window, during the payment process.

-If the entire content of the package is a gift for a single person, it will contain all the selected products correctly placed in the same box. For this it indicates: the whole box is a gift

-On the other hand, if there are several gifts for different people in the same order, we can wrap each one individually in a kraft envelope and even name it and they will all arrive together in the same box. For this option Indicate which products you want us to individually wrap as well as the name of the person and product to whom the gift is addressed. The shipment will be made in a single box.


Note: We will not add any invoice in any of the options.