Only available in Spanish language.

We are finally presenting our first online course, which we have designed especially for you for a whole year.

Here you will learn from professional hands to know your skin in depth and know what to provide in all its stages and moments.

This course consists of several points:

1. Online training through four explanatory videos that you can view each week on the day and time of your choice.


    Day and night facial care.
    Steps to follow to know how to clean the face and what products to use to hydrate and nourish each type of skin as well as the needs in specific and seasonal cases.

    Organic cosmetology.
    The active botanical principles: hydrolates, vegetable oils and essential oils with what we formulate and all its effects on the skin.

    Firming facial massage. 
    Learn about the muscles and the most effective face, neck and eye massage techniques for firm skin. Toning and draining massage.

    Exfoliation and masks.
    You will learn to know the mantle of the skin and add an extra beauty to it. Types of scrubs and when to use them. Mask recipes to make at home.


    2. Initial group presentation meeting where it is explained how the course will be carried out through the videos. Later, another group meeting will be held to answer questions after the weekly videos. The founders of Nasei Celia and Lorena Aviñon will be present at this meeting. Support at all times through the app.

    3. Training ebook to know the keys of the skin, basic dermatology and basic principles of cosmetology. A 25-page guide that you can always turn to. 

    4. Gift worth € 85. With the purchase of this course you will receive an exclusive and totally personalized moisturizing serum adapted to your skin after a previous interview along with a Jade roller, a very useful and complete massage tool that you will learn to use in practice.

    5. Certificate of attendance.


    Course start date: Friday, February 5, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.

    Course end date: Friday, March 12, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.

    Limited places: 8 people