"Thanks to Lorena and Celia I have learned to observe, listen and feel my skin. The course is very complete and the ebook, the videos and the Zoom sessions complement each other, all of them are loaded with knowledge. Now I enjoy and value dedicating moments of self-care. "  



"There are no professionals more natural than them… the environment they create, the connection, the way they explain, their sincerity… I run out of lines to define how good I have felt and all that we have learned !!! Thank you, thank you, Thank you"


"Nice course, super professional, you learn a lot (natural and sustainable resources, applications, elaborations, care, product, ...) and the knowledge is totally applicable in our day to day! "


"In this course you learn why it is important to use natural cosmetics and you learn how to use it."


Learn to take care of your skin with all the professional knowledge of the creators of Nasei; Celia and Lorena Avignon, with this online beauty course that they have prepared for you.

The course begins by showing the skin in depth, specifically the hydrolipidic mantle, its regulation and regeneration, so that you can understand how cosmetics works every time you apply it.

In this way, you will know all the steps to follow for the day and night care routine, as well as cleaning without damaging and which cosmetics to use to properly hydrate and nourish your skin. 

The active botanical principles: hydrolates, vegetable oils and essential oils with what we formulate and all the benefits when you apply them.

Another very important point is that we teach you how to perform a good firming facial massage. For this you will know the muscles and the most effective face, neck and eye massage techniques.


 What is the format of our online course?

1. Online training through explanatory videos that you can view each week on the day and time of your choice.

2. Initial group presentation meeting where it is explained how the course will be carried out through the videos. Later, two more meetings will be held to discuss various course content. The founders of Nasei Celia and Lorena Avignon will be present at this meeting.

3. Support at all times by email to resolve doubts.

4. Training ebook to know the keys of the skin, basic dermatology and basic principles of cosmetology. A guide you can always turn to. 

5. Personalized 30-minute tutorial at the end of the course.


What will you receive?

1. Training ebook

2. Explanatory videos

3. Attachments to the ebook to complete the classes

4. A surprise gift 


Course start: Thursday, November 4, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.

Limited places 8 people