A floral water rich in vitamins, minerals and very powerful antioxidants.


Hydrosols are obtained by distillation of plants to obtain essential oils. It is the water resulting from evaporation through which the properties of the plants are extracted, in this case with organically grown rosemary leaves.


This one is suitable for skins with increased sebaceous secretion to what promotes the regeneration and balance of the skin in all its phases and states.


It is also a powerful hair tonic that helps strengthen the scalp and protects it.


Our hydrolates are very fresh products, they are free of preservatives. They only contain floral water from distillation.


Its maximum duration is three months after opening. We recommend keeping them in the fridge.



Our advice for use

Use it as a toner as it hydrates and rebalances the pH of the skin after cleansing. 
You can also use it as a fresh cleanser when you don't have makeup applied, but your skin feels saturated by pollution, excess sweat, etc...

Try spraying your body with hydrolate before applying body cream or nourishing oil, you will notice how your skin gradually improves its hydration.

To rebalance the pH of the scalp, spray on clean hair at the roots, massage and let dry. Advisable once a week.




Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Water*, Limonene**


*ingredient from organic farming

 **naturally present in essential oils 


Made in Spain.