A wonderful massage supplement for your face.

It enhances the effect of our serums as well as our jasmine absolute repair balm.

Relax the facial muscles and relieve tension. Reduces bags, dark circles and puffiness, thanks to the lymphatic drainage that is performed. Try using it together with the cedar and geranium eye contour.

Collagen is stimulated as it passes through the acupressure points, increasing the firmness of the skin and reducing fine wrinkles and fine lines. 

By activating blood circulation we provide more oxygen to the tissues and promote cell renewal and the skin will gain luminosity.



  •  The color of jade varies in shades of green, no two stones are the same and each one has its own design.
  • Do not wash with water to prevent metal parts from rusting. The ideal way to clean it is to use a cloth with a little alcohol.
  • Do not put in the freezer, the temperature contrast could break the stone


Composition 100% authentic jade stone.

By your nature the color can vary from one roller to another. No two are the same.