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La crema hidratante facial

Auténtico aroma a rosas

Frescura para tu piel

Nutre y refuerza la epidermis

Sérum de geranio y jara

They say of Nasei...

The power of

rosemary and thyme

in your hair

New fresh face mask

purifies and illuminates

removing toxins

Living beauty, honest and respectful of the environment that surrounds us.

Founded in 2008 by two aestheticians

Do you know our balance method?

Your skin changes during the seasons of the year, with your emotions, or even with your hormonal cycle.
Our key is to help you get to know it in depth, regulate its ph and maintain the balance of the water-fat level naturally. This way you will get healthy, soft, and luminous skin.

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care, protect and revitalize your skin


we are real; this is our beauty


pure scents of nature


shine and texture only 100% natural


Our values


And sensitivity.

We want to honor our ancestors, who cultivated and cared for the land, who gave us an incredible legacy of botany, seeds and plants that we must protect.

Celia and Lorena / founders

Highly effective formulas

The key to Nasei is to stimulate the natural capacity for self-regeneration and achieve balance to help the epidermis protect, repair and renew itself.

Since 2008 we take care of your skin with our philosophy of natural and organic beauty.

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