Nasei values the natural beauty of the skin

We are a firm of high organic cosmetics developed by expert hands in order to provide effective skin care and enhance its beauty in all facets of your life.

We like to talk about cared for, real skin that shows its best appearance thanks to a studied care routine. Our formulas take care of the skin in all its facets: from skin disorders such as acne, to the first signs of age, balancing the level of hydration and nutrition that the skin needs. 

We use botanicals with great properties that have been used for generations; reinventing its formulas to create an effective, powerful cosmetic line without the need for artifice. The keys to our cosmetics are: rich and effective formulas, studied textures and aromas based on the principles of aromatherapy.





Real ingredients, no green chemistry

At Nasei we use the best and most powerful active ingredients of plant origin, which we extract only from the plants, herbs and flowers that surround us. 

Our products are clean, free of synthetic substances that are aggressive to the skin, our body and the environment. We are very purist, so we only use first cold-pressed virgin vegetable oils, as well as organic essential oils and extracts of plants and flowers from wild collection or biodynamic cultivation.

In our creations you will not find parabens, artificial colors, sulfates, petroleum derivatives, glycols, PEGs, fragrances, acids, phthalates or amines, among many others. We also do not use "natural filler" agents, such as Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, or sunscreens.

In addition, in our creams and lotions you will not find the word “aqua” either, since we only use hydrosols from flowers and plants, thus making the aqueous phase of the formulas a living part that is rich in nutrients.





Vegan and cruelty-free products

If one of Nasei's main pillars is to offer you the best skin care through natural ingredients, the other great pillar is our sincere respect for nature.

In Nasei formulas you will not find ingredients derived from animals of any kind, since we only use vegetable raw material. We are a 100% vegan brand. 

We consider that experimentation on animals in the field of cosmetics is totally unnecessary and obsolete today. For this reason, none of our final products, as well as the raw materials that compose them, have been tested on animals. 





freshness and exclusivity

We carry out a very small and exclusive production. By producing in small batches, we make sure that you always receive a freshly made cosmetic that keeps the properties of all its ingredients intact.

We respect the cycle of nature and do not force crops, so our raw material often runs out and we must wait for the next collection, harvest and transformation of vegetable and essential oil. 





The power of aromatherapy

It is the active principle of plants, flowers, trees, citrus fruits and resins. The essential oils obtained are used in each and every one of our formulas, from the beginning of the treatment to its end, as well as in the personalization of fresh masks.

Aromatherapy has properties not only on the skin, but also on emotional well-being; they are relaxing, calming and uplifting.





safe formulas

We use natural and organic ingredients in a safe percentage.

All our cosmetic products have health registration and cosmetovigilance certificate, being suitable for all skin types, even those that are sensitive, as well as for pregnant and lactating women.