Experience letter 

Enjoy organic face and body care with our exclusive beauty treatments, carried out in a natural environment full of vegetation such as the Flores del Norte workshop.

Here Celia, founder of the brand, will pamper you with her hands and our cosmetic line, as well as plants and flowers collected from our crops that she will transform into wonderful ingredients for your skin.





Nasei Facial € 80

It recovers the hydrolipidic layer of the skin and balances the altered pH, while protecting it from external aggressions, providing pleasant comfort.

An oxygenating mist infused with plants followed by the application of a double fresh mask: the first of remineralizing clay and the second, a highly hydrating veil based on floral waters. To finish a facial massage with our antiox, nourishing and soothing serums.


Firming facial guasha 115 € 

Recover the vitality of your skin with this organic lifting of luxurious ingredients such as blue gardenia and powerful vegetable hyaluronic acid, accompanied by a guasha massage, a massage with quartz stones that firms and illuminates.

Its toning effect gradually stimulates the natural production of collagen and leads to a smoother and more hydrated skin.


Aromatherapy massage € 80

Body massage performed with vegetable macerates made in our workshop, such as calendula and hypericum oleate, and flavored in a personalized way according to the essential oils chosen for the moment: rosemary, lavender, orange and lemon.


Body scrub € 85

Complete body treatment in two steps that regenerates and repairs in depth.

We begin the treatment with an aromatherapy foot bath. After it, we give way to body exfoliation with a mixture of sea salts, rose and petitgrain, which gently cleanse and polish. This gesture leaves the skin really soft and free of impurities.

After going through the shower, we apply a nourishing almond oil and botanical extracts of juniper and lavender through a relaxing massage, which in addition to nourishing, provides a delicate herbal aroma.


Comprehensive foot care € 50

A complete foot treatment * that includes nail grooming, filing, exfoliation and circulatory foot massage, highly nourishing with geranium and mandarin active ingredients.

* For reasons of sustainability and the incompatibility of non-biodegradable ingredients, enameling is not carried out.


All treatments begin with a relaxing foot bath and finally we offer a house detail aperitif.
Prices with VAT included. 




One person per shift and appointment. Available only the Thursday and Friday in the Flores del norte workshop: Barrio Gumuzio 31 in Amorebieta, Bizkaia. 

Make your reservation by writing an email to hello@tallerfloresdelnorte.com indicating your name, surname, telephone number and the chosen treatment.

Important note, read before booking:


-It is necessary to make a prior reservation. It will not be attended without prior notice or appointment.

-The treatment will be paid in advance via bizum, paypal or bank transfer.

-In case of not being able to attend, please notify us at least 72 hours in advance and thus be able to offer the appointment to another interested person. In case of not complying with this rule or not showing up, the amount paid will not be refunded.

-Available only on Thursdays and Fridays in the morning and afternoon. Saturdays closed.

-Subject to weather availability: in case of high temperature, rain or wind, the appointment will undergo a modification of the agenda or it will be held in the interior cabin.

In the event of cancellation for climatic reasons or reasons related to COVID, the client will be notified of the cancellation and will automatically receive the full payment of the reservation by the same means as the payment was made.

-For organizational reasons, the gift card option or reservations in the name of third parties are not available.


When making the reservation, the client accepts the conditions described above.




What facial treatment should I choose?

If you are not sure, at Nasei we advise you. Prior to all our facial treatments, we carry out a facial diagnosis that indicates the state of your skin, so in this way we will personalize it by adapting to skin needs and even the season of the year.

Are the ingredients organic?

Everyone. Our products are clean, free of synthetic substances that are aggressive with the skin, our body and the environment. We formulate with natural ingredients from organic farming and especially from proximity.

We are very purists, which is why we only use virgin vegetable oils of first cold pressure, as well as organic essential oils and extracts of plants and flowers from wild collection or biodynamic cultivation.

What is aromatherapy?

It is the active principle of plants, flowers, trees, citrus fruits and resins. The essential oils obtained are used in each and every one of our formulas, from the beginning of the treatment to its end, as well as in the customization of the fresh mask.

Aromatherapy has properties not only on the skin, but also on emotional well-being, for this reason the treatments, together with the massages, are so relaxing and comforting.

What is a fresh mask?

In the Nasei facial, the mask is made on the spot with clays, plant infusions, hydrolates, botanical extracts and essential oils. It is totally personalized, since we adapt to the needs of your skin.

It is a way to provide the face with properties that are highly rich in antioxidants and above all effective, without the need for preservatives. They are the purest for your skin.

Is Nasei cruelty free?

Of course yes. We love nature, its beings and we respect them. We do not conceive of animal experimentation.

In addition, we use mainly vegetable raw materials, except honey for some fresh mask. If you are vegan, you will only have to tell us and we will replace it with another ingredient.

As if that were not enough, next to the workshop is our animal refuge for the protection of the donkey, so you will find yourself in an authentic natural setting.

Are Nasei products 100% natural?

Yes, and what's more, they are organic: at Nasei we only use the power of the plants, herbs and flowers that surround us. Therefore, in our creations you will not find parabens, artificial colors, sulfates, petroleum derivatives, glycols, PEGs, fragrances, acids, phthalates or amines, among many others.

We also do not use “natural fillers”, such as Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride, or sunscreens.

If I am pregnant, can I have a treatment?

In this case, we only recommend facial treatments, which we will adapt to your skin needs.

We use natural and organic ingredients in a safe percentage. All our cosmetic products have a sanitary registration and cosmetovigilance certificate, being suitable for all skin types, even those that are sensitive.

For postural and ergonomic reasons, we consider not performing body scrubs or massage during pregnancy.

How to take care of my skin later at home?

After each facial treatment we advise not to cleanse the face again until after 8 hours, or directly leave it to act until the next day.

Aftercare at home involves balancing the skin with adapted products: cleansers, toners, serums and cream.

If you have doubts, we advise you which ones are the most suitable and we will plan your daily beauty ritual.

In addition, our warehouse-store is located in the same facilities, so you can buy your favorite cosmetic on-site.